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Unlevel floor

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Bob Builder
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Unlevel floor

Postby Bob Builder » 30 Dec 2016, 14:40

Common problem, right? Here's my situation: our house is very old! The earliest date we have on it is 1872 but that's when records in our county started so it could be older. Anyhow, there's a basement, first floor and second floor. On our first floor is our kitchen- which has an unlevel floor. It actually has a bit of a dip in it. The previous owners put down vinyl flooring and it just looks really bad and we're going to remodel the kitchen anyhow but we have this big flooring issue. The joists underneath look to be in very good shape. I would love to be able to put tile down but with the unlevel floor tiling will just show off how out of wack it is. We thought about carpet....but carpet in a high traffic area seems bad to me.

Any thoughts about how I can fix my floor? I've seen liquid floor levelers but read we should leave that to the pros so I'm really not sure where to go... need some advise... please?

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Re: Unlevel floor

Postby John2Build » 02 Jan 2017, 02:32

what about tearing up the complete subfloor and at this point adjusting your "un-even-ness"...I have never tackled a project like what you have described, but I would think if you started at the root of the problem, you might be happier with the solution

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