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Why to go Green?

Non domestic commercial building talk, sustainable commercial construction, green public building debate
Glass is Green
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Why to go Green?

Postby Glass is Green » 15 Apr 2011, 06:43

Glass is Green Blog from Inspired to be Green

“Why to go Green” this is a frequently discussed topic, and I don’t want to start all over again with arguments like: We should stop global warming! Cut down on energy consumption! Save the world for our children! I guess all of us are aware of these facts. Let’s look at the question from a different perspective, the perspective of a businessperson. Does it make economic sense to go Green?

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Re: Why to go Green?

Postby Bolt » 23 Apr 2011, 15:48

The answer is pretty straight forward. Yes

Yes it makes business sense to go Green because its you and whose army to go against the grain? When billions is invested long term into Green Global Strategies, you would have to be someone pretty special to say, STOP! Green is a load of BS. It would be for the businessman to decide exactly how integrated the green strategy is to be inside ones business model. Nonetheless it should be realised that Green issues are an easy understandable platform to project your business model from without having to re-explain what the sustenance of invisible environmental factors has on the longevity of planet Earth.

In conclusion the word "Green" especially in Green Architecture or Green Building provides an available assumption that the businessman can use to explain his/hers business concept at a much more profitable rate.

Glass is Green
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Re: Why to go Green?

Postby Glass is Green » 25 Apr 2011, 11:39

Thanks, Bolt for your comprehensive and valuable discussion...keep in touch

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Re: Why to go Green?

Postby Draker » 26 Apr 2011, 08:33

Nice one Bolt, I couldn't have said it any better myself! :lol:

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Re: Why to go Green?

Postby sabulba » 13 Sep 2012, 09:35

Making the any commercial purpose building eco-friendly is supportive as helpful to increase the beauty of building. Designing this kind of structure is not so easy as building have to bear the water so there should be proper solution to overcome this situation.
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Re: Why to go Green?

Postby sunshine » 02 Jan 2017, 03:10

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
I would say to mitigate life cycle impacts of buildings on the environment as per BREEAM's guidances

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