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Green Garden Wall

Clad and Wall Products, Clad and Wall Construction, their Green Building and sustainable construction implications
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Green Garden Wall

Postby topcat » 04 Nov 2012, 13:51


Garden Wall.jpeg
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Special features
Visually attractive appearance even without greening (as at the start or in the dormant period).
    - The facade element is encased in an aluminium frame to create an attractive “Wall Garden” appearance.
    - Appreciation in value of property.
    - Extremely weather-proof against UV radiation, frost and wind infuences.
    - Non-flammable.
    - Simple fitting of facade element and quick assembly.
    - A substrate culture with many advantages: Improved frost-resistance of plants, increased water retention and moisture buffering.
    - Larger diversity of proven plant species.
    - Suitable for internal and external greening.

Technical data

Weight* : 0.5 KN/cassette** 0.83 KN/m²**
Height* : 1000 mm
Depth* : 90 mm, 60 mm (plus 30 mm suspension rail)
Material : Aluminium
Colour : Natural, lava-brown or RAL
Vegetation form : Herbs - grasses - sedum
Ecological value : 5/5
Maintenance costs : 5/5
Cost factor : 5/5

* Measurements and weight of standard element. Other building-related dimensions possible.
** Saturated, depending on filling material.

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