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Vapour Check Recycled Paper Air Tight membrane

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Vapour Check Recycled Paper Air Tight membrane

Postby jojo » 12 Jan 2011, 11:28

Vapour Check Recycled Paper Air Tight membrane.jpeg
Environmentally Friendly Vapour Check
Vapour Check Recycled Paper Air Tight membrane.jpeg (15.32 KiB) Viewed 2889 times
Pro clima DB+ is a sustainable vapour check and air tight membrane made mainly from recycled paper with a reinforcement layer for strength. This is the green vapour barrier option for the sustainable house builder.


Humidity alternating 'intelligent' (VC) vapour check including an integral variable vapour resisting properties.
Manufactured from recycled cellulose fibre, reinforced for increased strength;
Provides a consistent internal airtight seal for construction;
Summer and winter interstitial condensation risks are reduced;
In summer allows more vapour diffusion, allowing structural components to rapidly dry out.
In winter reduces vapour diffusion, in return reduces vapour penetration protecting the building fabric from harmful moisture.
In non-breathing structures (i.e. those with vapour impermeable materials installed externally), any moisture that penetrates the insulation may become trapped and immediately begin to degrade its perfomance.
DB+ eliminates this risk by allowing any trapped moisture to evaporate on a seasonal basis, due to its humidity variable vapour resistance.
Fire resistant - from natural salt treatment;
Meets with the durability requirements of EN 13984.

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