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Who Should Project Manage

There are usually three main deliverables with every project: Budget, Quality, Timetable.  These project deliverables are key to successful project management but who is best to fulfil this role and ensure Budget, Quality and Timetable is met?


Making a Building Regs App

A Building Regulation application should be submitted before any works begin.  The Building Regulation process is something which occurs after your designs have been completed and when planning permission has been granted.  It can fundamentally


Building Industry Glossary

Building Industry Glossary of terms and phrases used within the Construction Industry



Calculate Additional Costs

Calculating building costs are going to determine whether you go through with a project or not. They will even define which ideas of your design aspirations stay or go so how and when can you calculate your costs?


VAT Self Builds

One advantage of building a new house, as apposed to renovating or extending, is that all the building work is free of Value Added Tax (VAT) which means a saving of 20% at the current rate.  If you are using a VAT registered contractor, then


Change of Land Material Use

A list of current land class uses for England under the Use Classes Order 1987.  Identify the land class your property sits under or if you want to change your land class, define what class you need.


Before Starting On Site

It can sometimes take many weeks to organise temporary supplies to site which is why contact to suitable authorities should be made in advance of starting on site.  If you are running the site yourself this is your responsibility.


Types of Planning Permission

There are a number of different types of planning applications but the main four are Outline Planning, Removal/ Approval/ Variation of conditions/ reserved matters, Full Planning Permission, and listed Building Consent which we will go into more detail.


Green Building Forum

The New Green Building Forum is Live,  for green construction matters with a sustainable building agenda. Community talk on Green Building Products and sustainable houses.


Building Forum

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