Beach Road North Shields Tynemouth

A Room with a View

The Green Architect in Newcastle and Gateshead (TGA) was appointed to transform an air ducted 1960's house into a contemporary modern home exploring ways to take full advantage of the golf course views. We explored several external designs and internal layouts for this home on Beach Road, North Shields before settling on a bold new design. A mixture of Blue through renders and slate grey finishes accompanied with a grand modern entrance set the scene.

Inside we were immediately hit with an old staircase, 1960's timber cladding, and tight spaces which blocked the views. By custom designing a steel-reinforced ash staircase and new circulation routes, we were able to penetrate through the build to reveal breathtaking views across a pedicured golf course.

We worked closely with the client to make sure each detail was right. Then we produced a set of 3d walk throughs, a full set of Architect drawings and a full set of compliant Building Regulation documentation.