Wind Turbine and Solar Controlled Eco Home - Chester le Street

Wind, Solar and Electrical Storage

Passive House Standard Eco House at Stone Row Chester le Street

The Green Architect in Chester le Street County Durham (TGA) was appointed to provide a full ecological scheme located in the countryside of Chester le Street outside of the historic settlement boundary. Sustainability is at the heart of this self-sufficient dwelling and its green agenda focused on construction methods, material, energy harvesting, energy sources, energy storage, and energy usage, air quality and excellent insulation properties. Durham County Council granted full planning permission through a committee where we successfully represented the client and this sustainable eco scheme. The Green Architect in Chester le Street and Durham was responsible for the full project. We managed the economic viability reports, ground investigation, percolation tests, traffic reports, coal authority, nuisance reports, the utilities, highways Section 34's, Environmental Health, Biodiversity and ecology reports. The Green Architect submitted all planning and building regulation drawings.