Woolsington Masterplan

Peckhouse Farm - Woolsington Masterplan

The Green Architect in Newcastle and Gateshead (TGA) was appointed to develop a well balanced mixed-use scheme to maximise five acres of land following an ideology of sustainable living. TGA held council meetings to prepare the case officer in advance of this application. We aimed to address concerns over; Sound Pollution from the Road; Green Corridor; Parking Standards; Highway Authorities; Pedestrian; Accessibility; Transport and the range of provisions; Sewerage; Landscaping in Developments / Landscaping Character / Strategy; Impact of Surface Water from the proposed development; Material; Biodiversity and Habitat Creation; Safety and Security; Maintenance.

TGA designed the site plan to maximise the site opportunity concerning affordable housing provisions using residential design criteria. We produced a set of architectural drawings, street elevations and sketched street views.

TGA managed the intrusive ground investigation and contamination reports; Agricultural Land Declaration and a transport, travel plan, parking and Highway Assessment to complete a well balanced economical and sustainable driven scheme.