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Bryan Richards

Bryan Richards studied at Newcastle University in 2001 and when fully qualified, decided to keep his skills within the North East. Bryan started his career in North Shields before setting up a practice of his own in 2010. Since, Bryan has worked on an extensive range of Sustainable Builds, Residential Master Plans, HMO, Healthcare, Offices, Restaurants, Cafes/Bistros, Pavilions, Apartments, Nursing Homes and many other complex planning matters. Bryan has a keen interest in planning policy and works closely with the Local Authorities.

Steven Clements

Steven Clement's bio coming soon.

Architect or Architectural Designer? Is there a Difference? - Yes!

'Architect' is a protected title, which may only be used by those qualified to do so. The Architect Act expresses this qualification as a statutory requirement to prevent those who choose not to train for the necessary seven years to use the title 'Architect'. It's this effort and dedication to a meticulous and time-consuming education that encourages others to shortcut the process and instead use a minor variation of the title. Variations such as "Architectural Designer" in Newcastle or "Architectural Draftsman" are commonly seen. It's, therefore, necessary to highlight this difference between 'Architect' and 'Architectural'. Furthermore, an 'Architect' must remain competent throughout his/her working career. To do so, an Architect in Newcastle, Durham, Northumberland etc. must demonstrate their maintained standards.

The first thing to check for is their registration with the ARB. This is the Architects registration board and lists all those who have met the standards. You'll find our link at the bottom of this page.